ATV Ride

atv ride

ATV is a motorcycle that has four wheels. These motors are usually used for agriculture or adventure. The wheels were specially modified with high tire. Thus, only used in certain areas only. Have 250cc and 350cc engine power. Easily driven in wet conditions or up and down hills. With that ability, so different from the motorcycle in general. It is a YAMAHA product which has five levels of teeth. Some use automatic clutch and use other manual clutch. This motor is very balanced, and can not be reversed at high speed. If you follow the instructions and ride carefully, you will receive exciting journey.

Package includes:

  • Eat at Paddy’s Restaurant
  • Transfer from/to Hotel
  • Mineral water and tropical fruits
  • Shower hot / cold water
  • Clean bath towels
  • boot and sock
  • Safety insurance
  • Duration approximately 2hours

Which should be taken:

  • Clothes
  • Sunblock or Sunscreen
  • Sneaker / Running Shoes
  • Camera for your documentation

Price :

  • Single : US $60
  • Tandem : US $105

Note: Minimum Order: 2 pax